Why AI-powered Managed CX Automation?

Trusted by the most customer-centric, complex, and compliant organisations in the world, we are deep-domain experts in Applied AI and help industrialise Machine Learning for your Contact Centre and its agents’ success.

We provide Enterprise managed services for Conversational AI (Voice/Chatbots), Machine Learning (ML) Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to streamline your operations and improve CX.

Humint Labs - Managed CX Automation - strategy

Our Team, expertise and services will help you build a cohesive strategy powered by AI to scale your Customer Experience.

We create meaningful moments that count,
and our data validates it







Increased Revenue

With our experience and expertise together with our strategic partnerships we assess the needs of your business and help you with the best solution and strategy that brings stability, scalability and satisfaction. With our trainings and optimised implementation we help business to be profitable while investing in CX automation.

Humint Labs - increase revenue investing in CX automation
Humint Labs - analyse and execute best strategies of market and competitor trends

Competitive Advantage

At Humint Labs we not just implement, rather we analyse and execute best strategies and tools that can give you an edge over competition. We analyse competition and help you optimise your CX experience with deep domain knowledge and regular analysis of market and competitor trends.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Humint Labs conversation design team brings in years of experience and builds bots upon the design thinking principles. We have a dedicated chatbot development team with experience in building chatbot’s for various channels such as Facebook Messenger, Web, WhatsApp, Mobile Apps, Teams, Slack, Skype, etc. We help you build up the right customer experience on the base of customer satisfaction.

Humint Labs - Craft personalised customer experiences across diverse channels like Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, WhatsApp, Mobile Apps, Teams, Slack, Skype.

Learn how Humint Labs solutions can drive ROI, reduce expenses and increase revenue.