We are passionate about creating valuable experiences for your customers.

Trusted by the most customer-centric, complex, and compliant organisations in the world, we are deep-domain experts in Applied AI and help industrialise Machine Learning for your success.

Humint Labs - Managed CX Automation - strategy

Our Team, expertise and services will help you build a cohesive strategy with Automation to scale your Customer Experience.


Customers served by our Managed CX Automation™


First contact resolution (FCR) is increased


CSAT for Bot-enabled interactions on Voice / Text

We work from Strategy to Execution

Business focused Strategic consultation on Conversational AI and RPA automation, transforming your customer experience/journey while using human intelligence and technology for Innovation!

Humint Labs help you to connect not just with your customer but also internally within the organisation to understand assess and scale with the right platform and technology based on your business needs, to scale on profitability and customer experience.

Humint Labs helps you create the best CX Automation by understanding your organisation needs, Customer needs and growth strategy, placing the customer experience at the centre and delivering world class CX.

Communication is key and with Humint Labs we allow your business to deepen the understanding of customer experience. Helping your customers to feel satisfied and Valued.

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Why Managed CX Automation?

“Chatbots represent a new trend in how people access information, make decisions and communicate.”

— Christie Pitts ( Verizon Ventures)

Case Studies

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